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AT&T / T-Mobile Buyback Promotion

* Right Now we are offering $75 more then the normal cash value of your phone when you buy a Verizon device for Existing customer on an AT&T or T-mobile service wanting to switch to Selectel. 

(example. A Samsung S4 sells like new for $220 in our store, and you currently have an ATT S4 that is an 8 out of 10 Condition as verified by us in person, and want to switch to verizon or upgrade your phone.

 Normally we are going to give you about $90 and sell for $149 used, but in the month of April you get $165. That means you pay $55 for a new Samsung S4, and right now we will get switched to Selectel for Free. Or Pay just $135 for a like new Samsung S5 with your trade in.) 

See below for terms...

* All prices given over the phone will be ballpark only. All offers are based on the actual condition of the device and must be checked by a technician at our location in order to receive an official buy back offer. All offers are good the day of the quote only and will be re evaluated if brought back based on current condition and value. 

* We participate in Leads Online, an online database system used by electronics stores and pawn shops to track items that have been reported stolen including all serialized items such as cell phones, tablets, game systems etc. We stick to the letter of the law and do require legal identification to sell us merchandise. 

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