Terms & Conditions

1. At 417 Wireless we stand behind the products we sell with a 30 day warranty covering any sort of problem you may have that has not been caused by physical Damage. This is double the big box store warranty on handheld electronics. 

2. Our monthly phone plans are prepaid by nature and once applied to a phone number are absolutely without exception not refundable. 

3. By using the website to complete checkout for the purchase of a phone or a plan you agree that you understand the warranties involved and that you are the credit card holder.

4. All items which have been purchased and opened or used if returned are subject to a 25% restocking fee if the item is returned do to no dis-function of the item. Example : I changed my mind and I don't want it. 

5. In the event of a malfunction or an issue with a product in the first 30 days please understand all Issues reported must be verified by us at the store and all defective items must be returned for warranty with original packaging. We keep all transaction on file however recommend you keep your receipt just in case. 

6. As long as we can verify the problem is legit and not caused by physical damage, then we will replace the item at no charge and if you are nice maybe even through a little something in for the hassle. 

7. We do not give cash refunds on products that can be exchanged for a working one. Example: You buy a Samsung S4 like new, and for some reason it keeps disconnecting from your Wifi. You bring it back wanting your money back and we have 12 more just like it in the back. Give a second one a shot, and if with crazy bad luck you get another bad one we will concede, just know that almost never happens.